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Garantie schanskorven


By making use of quality German wire panels with Galfan galvanised wire, our gabions have a very long life expectancy of at least 50 years, so you can enjoy your gabions for the rest of your life.

Our system distinguishes itself from other gabion systems by its quick and extremely simple construction. As a result of this system, the person installing the gabions saves a lot of working hours.


Gabinova gabions are fully premounted upon delivery. This means that all gabion panels are already attached to each other with C-rings, except for the lid, which is of course open on one side so that it can be filled up with rubble stones.

Gabinova gabions are also provided with a number of accessories: C-rings for the interconnection and to close the lid, bracing ties to prevent expansion. These accessories are included in the required amount along with the gabions.


Hence, the installation of our gabions is very simple, also if you want to do it by yourself.



Every meter of the Gabinova gabion contains a partition.

By default, Gabinova gabions have a Galfan coating (95% zinc, 5% aluminium) with a very long life expectancy.

The wire diameter is 4 mm with a mesh size of 50 x 50 mm; when mesh size calculates 75 x 64 mm, the wire diameter is 4.5 mm.

Specific advantages of Gabinova gabions.


The key advantages of Gabinova gabions are the following: 

- Very quick and easy construction, which make them very suitable for private individuals as well
- No mechanical equipment is needed for the construction of the gabions
- Sustainable: long life expectancy – Installation brochure upon delivery
- Available in various sizes with a maximum length of 200 cm – Strong as a result of fastening with C-rings
- Premounted upon delivery, which makes the construction very simple


Gabinova gabions are extremely sustainable. Gabinova garantuees that your gabions will last for decades. However, in case of any errors, you can rely on the outstanding warranty service from Gabinova. We will fix any problem.